Book cover for The Art of Chain: A Guide to Steel Restraint, by Fischer Garrett and Cecilia T. Winters

The first ever how-to book on chain bondage!

You've seen bondage on streaming networks and in the movies. Fifty Shades may have teased you with silk ties and rope, but immobilizing a body with leather cuffs, shackles, and heavy steel chain can help you establish the kind of dominance you've been looking for in kink and BDSM. As a bottom, chain can make you feel utterly helpless to achieve that submissive space you've been seeking. Whether you want to be exposed for sex, or impress others in the dungeon, this how-to manual will teach you the basics of chain bondage techniques.

With over 220 full color images and graphics, The Art of Chain: A Guide to Steel Restraint provides readers with detailed overviews of risks, negotiations of a bondage scene, and the hardware recommended for learning how to perform chain bondage. The Art of Chain breaks down the fundamentals of this bondage technique developed by the authors. It provides tips and best practices for successful and safe play including elements of good consent practices, and shows step-by-step instructions with pictures for chest, hip, leg, and body harnesses and suggestions on how to incorporate these harnesses into different styles of scenes and play.

About the Authors

Fischer Garrett ('Mister' - He/Him) is a bisexual, polyamorous top. His time spent in the lifestyle has led him through a journey of self discovery, from once being totally monogamous to being a relationship anarchist; from wanting nothing to do with bondage to developing a way to practice bondage in a relatively unperformed and under-documented fashion. In the past several years he has volunteered for larger kink events as a member of a consent incident response team, a dungeon/playspace monitor, and recently as a presenter for the topic of this book. He is a huge fan of costumes and masks, and it is not unusual to know that he is around but often in clever and sometimes strange disguises. 

Contact: [Fetlife] [Instagram] [Facebook]
Discord: Mister#4215

Cecilia T. Winters ('CTW' - She/Her) is your typical queer Millennial. Born at the start of the internet age, she has always benefited from information at her fingertips. She identifies as bisexual and ethically non-monogamous. She has served as a dungeon and playspace monitor, a demo top for a number of local and national kink events, and now as a presenter as well. She enjoys giving first suspensions to people new to being tied in rope; suspending willing victims for long, sadistic scenes; and suspending herself with rope and chain. Her non-kink interests include reading, making lists, watching early 2000s crime dramas, and learning about ancient human cultures. 

Contact: [Fetlife] [Fetlife] [Instagram]
Discord: clarinetphello#4672

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